Why English?

Words are among the most enduring and powerful forces in the world. By choosing to study English you will learn to work with words in critical and creative ways, an ability that is essential to many careers. Our professors are active researchers and writers in their fields, committed to helping students become engaged citizens who actively imagine and create their own futures.

In addition to helping students develop a sophisticated understanding of the varied contributions of the literary arts throughout history and across the globe, an English degree hones critical communication skills fundamental to success in almost any career path.

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"Initially I went to a much larger school than Acadia. Upon getting to Acadia, I've realized the power and potential of a smaller establishment. Having smaller class sizes allows teachers to be more personable with students, allowing for more tutorial like settings with your professor. Having seen both sides, I know small schools are not for everybody, but they are definitely my choice."

- Hayden Hopgood CAS, civil (’14)

"I like that I can apply what I studied in chemistry to real-life situations rather than just in theory. Acadia engineering has helped me to do this."

- Hanna Nickerson BScH, chemistry, CAS, chemical (’13)

"The BASc program has given me the opportunity to widen my academic interests as well as discover my passion for engineering. Over my three-year stay, I get to enjoy Acadia's wonderful campus, as well asmeet helpful, knowledgeable professors and make lifelong friends."

- Ben Newcomb BASc (’14)

Leanna Hall

Alumni Careers

Leanna Hall, Educator
"Acadia was able to give me a solid foundation as a scholar who is sensitive to cultural diversity and proactive about creating ways to realize this through academia."
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Logan Grant

Alumni Careers

Logan Grant, Articling Clerk/Law
"I have fond memories of my experiences with Acadia’s English program. Those experiences became instrumental when I chose to pursue a legal career."
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Zsofi Koller

Alumni Careers

Zsofi Koller, Designer & Digital Strategist
"In my studies at Acadia I learned to give myself permission to explore ideas fully without self-censoring. I was also encouraged to distil my ideas critically; another tool I use in my work every day."
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Corey Liu

Alumni Careers

Corey Liu, Television Writer
"Stories, my classes would teach me, can certainly reinforce unfair power structures. But they also provide perspectives that shift our ways of thinking."
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