Logan Grant

I have fond memories of my experiences with Acadia’s English program. Those experiences became instrumental when I chose to pursue a legal career. Law school demands endless reading, deep critical analysis, focused research skills, and strong writing. English certainly hones those skills, but moreover, it teaches you to advocate with them. Being able to make an argument in an essay or deliver a presentation exposes you to constructive criticism: you need to form opinions, make decisions, and then accept their consequences. Acadia’s English program gives a perfect setting to practice this in, but with the added advantage of smaller class sizes and a truly wonderful set of professors. I had frequent opportunities to put my ideas on the line in class discussions, group projects, and presentations. The feedback I received from my teachers was always personalized and thoughtful. The legal profession is about making informed decisions, so the opportunity to practice this in a challenging-but-supportive learning environment was invaluable. I’m deeply grateful to Acadia’s English department for providing that opportunity and making it so fun.