Introductory English Courses

Whether you are a first-year English major or a student in another program seeking an engaging elective, we have an introductory course for you.

English Majors & Honours Students

ENGL 1483-1493 Writing and Reading Critically has been designed with you in mind. Every section of this full-year course is limited to just 32 students and is taught by a qualified professor. You will explore a variety of novels, plays, poems, and essays while also working to hone your analytic skills and to develop a clear and persuasive writing style. Complete this course with a C- or better and you will be eligible to proceed in the English program, selecting from upper-level courses covering a range of periods, authors, genres, and critical approaches, including various creative writing courses. You may choose to complete this prerequisite for upper-level English study as two single-term courses, ENGL 1413 & 1423, though this is not recommended.

NOTE: ENGL 1483-1493 (or 1413 and 1423) meet the Arts Core requirement for 6h of English at the 1000 level.


If it’s an introduction to English at the university level you’re looking for, then either the full-year or two single-term versions of Writing and Reading Critically, ENGL 1483-1493 or ENGL 1413 and 1423, are excellent choices for you. You’ll read a selection of novels, plays, poems, and essays and also work in a small class setting with a qualified professor to develop your writing and critical thinking skills. Complete this course with a C- or better and you will be eligible to take any of a large selection of 2000 and 3000-level English literature and creative writing courses as you progress through the degree program of your choice.

We also offer a limited number of sections of ENGL 1213/1223 Composition. In the single-term ENGL 1213 you’ll be asked to read a variety of essays and articles to help you learn to write a unified and coherent academic essay. ENGL 1223 builds on the basic elements of writing covered in ENGL 1213, but the emphasis is on argumentation.  

NOTE: The Arts Core requires that students complete 6 credit hours of English. This requirement may be met with the full-year, 6-credit hour ENGL 1483-93 or with any two of the following: ENGL 1413, ENGL 1423, ENGL 1213, ENGL 1223. 1213/1223 are sequential; 1413/1423 are not. Completion of 1483-1493 or 1413 and 1423 with at least a C- is necessary to take upper-level English and creative writing courses.

Non-Native English Speakers

If English is not your native language, then ENGL 1313/1323 Composition for Second Language Students may be just what you need. These single-term courses with an enrolment limit of just 18 students focus primarily on the development of writing skills for those who do not speak English as a first language. Special attention is given to fundamentals of grammar, vocabulary building, sentence structure, analysis of texts, and the organization of written argument.

NOTE: ENGL 1313/1323 DO NOT count toward the Arts Core requirement of 6h of English. Also, successful completion of ENGL 1313/1323 and/or ENGL 2313 WILL NOT allow you to enrol in upper-level English literature or creative writing courses. However, students whose first language is not English ARE PERMITTED to count these courses toward the Arts Core second language requirement. See the Academic Calendar for details.