Leanna Hall

All of you acted as inspiration for me as I researched, tested pedagogical practice, collected data, and reflected on the following question: "How can I create culturally sustaining ELA pedagogy that can connect to my students?"  

I have been fortunate enough to have secured a teaching job in Albany, New York where I will teach tenth grade American Literature. Though I am seemingly restrained to one geographical location, my goal is to introduce multi-cultural themes and literature to my students so that as a class we can expand our perspectives beyond constructed borders and boundary lines. 

Acadia was able to give me a solid foundation as a scholar who is sensitive to cultural diversity and proactive about creating ways to realize this through academia. At Acadia my knowledge led me to speak to the fluidity of one's identity, at Ithaca College I expanded this to promote cultural sustainability in the classroom, and my goal for the future is to continue to write, and hopefully publish, on subjects surrounding cultural identity.