Creative Writing at Acadia

Creative writing is an important part of the English Program, and has much to offer aspiring writers both inside and outside the classroom.


We regularly offer three undergraduate courses in creative writing (ENGL 2013, 3083 and 3093), as well as a course in the Theory of Editing (ENGL 2153). We also offer a course in Playwriting (THEA 3133). ENGL 2013 and 2153 are open to any student who has completed ENGL 1406 (or 1413 and 1423) with a C- or better. For ENGL 3083 and 3093, the student must submit a portfolio of work to Dr. Wanda Campbell, the instructor, for assessment.

Honours Thesis

Honours students may choose to write a Creative Writing thesis, a chapbook length manuscript of fiction, poetry, drama, or mixed genre under the guidance of a published author. This is a unique opportunity to hone one's skills, produce material for potential publication, or prepare to study Creative Writing at the Master's level.

estuary and Voice4

The Department is home to two publications, estuary, Acadia's creative arts magazine, and Voice 4, the department newsletter. Both publications are student run, and both solicit submissions from students each year. 


If you are interested in playwriting, you may want to write for the Acadia Theatre Company's annual MiniFest

Local Writing Community

There is a lively writing community locally and the department and university host a variety of national and international writers to give public readings. There are also local creative writing groups which encourage student participation