Student Videos

The short videos below give you a glimpse of life in the Department of English and Theatre at Acadia. Many thanks to the High School Liaison Committee, and to former students Johnny Cann and Danielle Pierce, for their invaluable assistance in realizing this project. Special thanks also to the students featured in these videos for their time and enthusiasm.


Danielle Pierce & Johnny Cann

2nd Year English Student


Marc Muschler

2nd Year English Student


Ceileigh Mangalam

3rd Year English Studenttl_files/sites/english/resources/Face4/Jake.jpg

Jake Brannen

1st Year English Studenttl_files/sites/english/resources/Face4/Allie.jpg

Allie Fournier

4th Year English Studenttl_files/sites/english/resources/Face4/Quinn.jpg

Quinn MacKenzie

4th Year English Studenttl_files/sites/english/resources/Face4/Rebecca.jpg

Rebecca Dobson