Designer & Digital Strategist

In my current career as a designer and digital strategist, I have to be both fully creative and also confident and articulate in communicating my ideas to my clients. It’s not really a career for the faint of heart! Receiving my Master of Arts in English from Acadia University supported me well in developing these qualities. It was a small and supportive community but also far-reaching in imaginative scope and diversity of thought. In my studies at Acadia I learned to give myself permission to explore ideas fully without self-censoring. I was also encouraged to distil my ideas critically; another tool I use in my work every day. I’ll always respect the professors and students I interacted with for their humour, engaging ideas, and support in letting my own sometimes freaky flag fly.

In a very direct skills sense, it was also at Acadia I started down the path of layout and design when I took on the role of Production Manager of the student newspaper The Athenaeum. In those late pizza-fuelled nights I discovered the magic of using visuals to convey ideas, and this directly led me to pursue design as a vocation.