BA With Major in English

First-year English majors should register for

ENGL 1483-1493 - all year
Writing & Reading Critically
12h of courses from the Arts Core (see below) - fall term
e.g. 3h Humanities + 3h Social Sciences + 3h Language other than English + 3h Science 
12 h of courses from the Arts Core (see below) - winter term
e.g. 3h Humanities + 3h Social Sciences + 3h same language as in Fall + 3h Science

To graduate, all English majors must complete the following:

Arts Core (24h)

The Arts Core is a series of requirements common to all students pursuing degrees in the Faculty of Arts. We encourage completion of as many of these as possible in the first year:

  • 6 hours in a single language other than English: French, German, Greek, Latin, or Spanish
  • 6 hours of Social Science: Economics, Politics, Sociology, or Women's and Gender Studies*
  • 6 hours of Humanities: Art, Classics, Comparative Religion, History, Philosophy, Music, Women's and Gender Studies* (NB. studio classes in Art and Music do not fulfil this requirement)
  • 6 hours of Science: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering (APSC), Geology, Math, Nutrition, Physics, or Psychology

*Only 6h of WGST may be counted for the Arts Core

English Core (30h)

All English majors are required to complete the 30-credit-hour English Core as follows. Click here to view the courses being offered in this academic year.

  1. 6h from: ENGL 1483-1493 or ENGL 1413 & ENGL 1423
  2. 6h of ENGL 2083-2093
  3. 3h from: ENGL 2163, ENGL 2173, ENGL 2273
  4. 3h from: ENGL 2223-2233* (ENGL 2183/ENGL 2193), ENGL 3283, ENGL 3293
  5. 3h from: ENGL 2283, ENGL 2383, ENGL 2393, ENGL 2773
  6. 3h from: ENGL 2323-2333*, ENGL 2473-2483*, ENGL 3483, ENGL 2783
  7. 3h from: ENGL 2563, ENGL 2573, ENGL 2683, ENGL 2693, ENGL 3833, ENGL 3843
  8. 3h from: ENGL 3663, ENGL 3773, ENGL 3793, ENGL 3673, ENGL 3683, ENGL 3693

* The extra 3h in a 6h-course count as an English elective.

English at the 2000/3000/4000-level (18h)

Majors are also required to take an additional 18h of English at the upper level. The English Course Catalogue can be found here.

Courses at the 2000 and 3000 level are not sequential. They may be taken in any order and are open to students in any year who have completed ENGL 1483-1493 (or 1413 and 1423) with a grade of C- or higher.* 4000-level seminars are restricted to third- and fourth-year Majors and Honours students.

*The exception is Advanced Creative Writing for which a portfolio and permission of the instructor are also required.

Minor (24h)

English majors must also to take a Minor constituted of 24h in a single discipline or multidisciplinary concentration of their choice. Only 6h at the 1000-level may be offered toward the Minor in a given subject.

General electives (24h)

In addition to the courses required to complete their program, students may select a series of general electives. All student must successfully complete 120 credit hours in order to graduate.