MA in English

If you are looking for quality supervision, a small-class environment, and scholarly interaction with peers and faculty, then our Department is your place of choice.

The Department of English and Theatre offers a twelve-month, full-time program leading to the Master’s degree in English literature. Participating in small seminar classes, students have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the discipline and to write a thesis based on their area of interest. Where possible, students are also offered the opportunity to gain teaching experience. Whether you are interested in pursuing an MA program as a step towards doctoral studies or towards a professional degree, you will feel supported in your decision to apply for the program and to dedicate yourself to a research-based approach to literature.

In making a thesis a major component of the MA program, the Department offers you training in writing that will be key to a successful PhD program, and that will equally help you acquire skills of self-discipline and time management essential to any profession. You will be able to pursue your own scholarly interests within a wide variety of scholarly and critical approaches while benefiting from close work with internationally recognized faculty and researchers. Explore the range of our current faculty research and their recent publications in a variety of literary periods, genres, authors, methodologies, and theories.

Our MA program draws students from across Canada as well as from such countries as Germany, India, Iran, the Bahamas, and the UK. Typically, we admit between four and six students each year, many of whom go on to pursue doctoral work at first-rate institutions elsewhere in Canada or abroad. A number of our recent graduates hold professorial positions at Canadian, US, and UK universities, while others have embarked on successful careers in publishing, creative writing, public relations, information management, journalism, and teaching.

Please take the time to explore our courses, funding possibilities, and the detailed information that the graduate handbook provides. Feel free to reach out our faculty and consult their areas of research and publications. Send your general inquiries about the MA program to Anne Quéma at