Michelle Damour

Michelle Damour: Introductory English; Composition
Position: Instructor
Office: BAC 418
Email: michelle.damour@acadiau.ca
Education: BA (Dal), MA (Acadia)




Teaching: The author Zadie Smith once said that she writes to say, “what does it feel like to be alive?” Taking my lead from this deceivingly simple question, I ask introductory students to grapple with how studying literature helps us comprehend and rethink what it feels like to be alive.

I predominantly teach Writing and Reading Critically, our introductory literature courses. My classes are seminar-style, meaning that I place a high value on learning through discussion. The introductory classroom is a diverse place, drawing students from every faculty and multiple backgrounds. I want students to bring their perspectives, thoughts, and emotions to our discussions. They can be the genesis of critical analysis. I also ask students to engage with others’ perspectives, to be challenged in their assumptions, and to rework their ideas. Students can expect to read poetry, short fiction, novels, and plays from well-known and not-so-well-known authors who come from and speak to a variety of time periods (including our own) and cultural contexts. I also place a high value on learning through writing and developing a writing process. Each of my courses include smaller assignments designed to help students develop precision in reading, analysis, and writing, as well as larger assignments, including essays and an exam. I also like to include creative and collaborative projects.

Courses Recently Taught:
Writing and Reading Critically (ENGL 1406, 1413, 1423)
Composition 2 (ENGL 1223)