ENGL 3563 X2 - Lisa Narbeshuber


In this course, we will study and compare a selection of American novels from the early twentieth-century to the present. Part of our focus will be the examination of marginalised voices that appear to emerge with the rise of realism, naturalism, and regionalism in modern and contemporary American fiction. In addition to the critical essay, requirements include a test, a presentation, a journal, and a final exam.

TEXTS (tentative):
Edith Wharton, Ethan Frome (1911)
Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God (1937)
Carson McCullers, The Member of the Wedding (1846)
Jack Kerouac, On the Road (1955)
Truman Capote, In Cold Blood (1965)
Cormac McCarthy, The Road (2006)