Preliminary Quizzes

You can access the Preliminary Quizzes for the Ten Most Common Errors through ACORN.

If you are enrolled in an English course, please access the English Grammar Quizzes. If you are enrolled in an English course and are not able to access this course, please contact your professor.

If you are not enrolled in an English Course, you can take the tests at Acadia Grammar Quizzes. You will have to accept the enrolment agreement the first time you enter the course. The course will then be added to your course listing in ACORN.

If you are not an Acadia student, you can take the tests here.  User Name = English; password = quizzes

What is a preliminary quiz?

The preliminary quiz is a diagnostic test.  It will test your strengths and weaknesses in catching grammar errors.

What will the quiz do for me?

Once you have taken the quiz, you will be able to determine your weak and strong areas of grammar.  Then, you will know wich of the ten most common errors you should concentrate on.  Your English professor may have other ways of using the preliminary quiz.

Preliminary Quiz A

This quiz tests your knowledge of fragments, comma splices, and run-on sentences.

Preliminary Quiz B

This quiz tests your knowledge of errors in subject-verb agreement, pronoun reference, modifier, and parallelism.

Preliminary Quiz C

This quiz tests your knowledge of possessive faults, passive voice, and wordiness.