Vanessa Hawkins Publishes

Vanessa (Brown) Hawkins ('10) has become a published author of Gloryhill.  Her novel is a 270 page paranormal fantasy that just hit online stores last month.

(excerpt from her message)
I wanted to write to Acadia to thank you for all the support this University has given to allow me to accomplish my goal of being an author.  I began the process of self-publishing seven months ago with Friesen Press and have since sold copies internationally in Korea, Singapore, United States, The United Kingdom and of course, Canada.  

Though Gloryhill has just been released, it has appeared in the Telegraph Journal: a local newspaper in my hometown of St. George, and is due to appear in Angle Magazine Korea next month.

I hope Acadia will accept my sincere thanks as I further embark on my writing career.  I know Acadia prides itself not only on its arts community, but on keeping in contact with its alumni, and I hope that I can find myself at this wonderful University again soon.

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