Michelle Damour Awarded the 2021 Faculty of Arts Excellence in Teaching Award.

The 2021 the Faculty of Arts Award for Excellence in Teaching goes to Michelle Damour, Instructor in the Department of English & Theatre.  Michelle Damour embodies the door-opening, inspiring, and caring pedagogy so central to Acadia's identity. She excels in and outside of the classroom. Her ability to thrive under a heavy service teaching load makes Michelle Damour’s accomplishments especially impressive. She has inspired non-Arts students to engage across disciplines. To wit, in support of Michelle’s nomination, a biology graduate said: ‘Michelle’s classes have the power to change a person’s life.’  Michelle Damour deserves special commendation – and earned rave student reviews -- for her effective adaptation to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. She sustained unmatched connection to students in trying and unusual times. They appreciated it, and we appreciate her. Congratulations!

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