Congratulations to Diane Chin on successfully defending her thesis!

Congratulations to Diane Chin, who successfully defended her SSHRC-funded thesis, "A Diamond Seeker's Legacy: Stolen Voices in James Wickenden's Beyond the High Savannahs" on April 8!

Diane's beautifully written project creatively and critically disrupts Wickenden's appropriation of her father's voice in his first-person travel narrative and offers a complex study of what it means to read from a thoroughly examined position. Adopting an auto-ethnographic approach that draws on postcolonial theory, family stories, and the history of British Guiana, Diane counters Wickenden's colonial fantasy with an account of its on-going psychological, environmental, and cultural effects. In recognition of the exceptional quality of the thesis, the examining committee unanimously recommended it for the Acadia Outstanding Masters Research Award.

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