Turtle Island, Reading to "Discover"

Photo credit: Mark Wagner

Photo credit:  Mark Wagner

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All Readers Interested to Join in

Monthly Public Roundtable Discussions
in which we play with / reconsider the problematic phrase
“Canada, Yours to Discover”
in relation to “uneasy” Indigenous visualverbal texts

Vaughan Memorial Library Quiet Reading Room, Acadia University

Wed. September 27, 15:00-17:00  &  Wed. Nov. 1, 15:00-17:00  &  Wed. Nov. 29, 15:00-17:00

To move ourselves from cognitive imperialism to cognitive justice as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada have called educational institutions and citizens to do.

Read one or more of the monthly selections
on your own, and/or with your family, friends, bookclub, or class.
Then come out to the monthly discussions and we’ll
share our experiences, responses, and questions,
and consider what good healing actions these could lead us to.
The goal of our discussions is for the participants to come together in a cooperative exploration of the visualverbal elements of these “uneasy” texts in a process of transformative re-cognition.

Books for sale at The Box of Delights Bookstore, 466 Main St., Wolfville. 902-542-9511
Book also on reserve at the Vaughan Memorial Library
& Acadia Indigenous Resource Centre, Rhodes Hall