Information on Course Loads & Numbering

Here you will find information to help you with your course selection:

Course Loads

The usual course load for full-time undergraduate students is thirty credit hours (30h), or fifteen hours (15h) per term. A one-term course counts for 3 credit hours. A full-year course is 6 credit hours. Students registered for at least 9 credit hours in a given term are considered full time for that term.  Student enrolled in 18 credit hours in the fall and winterterms are considered full time for the period September-April. Students registered for 6 hours of instruction over a six-week period during intersession are considered full time for that period.  Students must complete a total of 120h in order to graduate.

Course Numbering

4-digit course numbers end in either a 3 (3h credit, one term only) or a 6 (6h credit, full year).
Section numbers should be interpreted as follows:
 X0 indicates a full-year course
 X1 (A1, B1, etc.) indicates a fall-term course that begins in September and ends in December
 X2 (A2, B2, etc.) indicates a winter term course that begins in January and ends in April.

Upper-level English

English courses at the 2000 and 3000 level are not sequential. They may be taken in any order and are open to students in any year who have completed ENGL 1406 (or 1413 and 1423) with a grade of C- or higher.*
4000-level seminars are usually restricted to third-and fourth-year Majors and Honours students, though students completing a Minor may sometimes be admitted with permission of the instructor.

*The exception is Advanced Creative Writing for which a portfolio and permission of the instructor are also required.