Anne Stieger

Position:  Lecturer
Office:  BAC 418

Anne Stieger is currently teaching English Composition for Second Language Students. She trained as an English as a Foreign Language teacher (MA), and has since taught German at Acadia and trained future English teachers in Germany.
Anne is especially interested in the use of (Young Adult) Literature and drama approaches in the EFL classroom, as well as the benefits of Skype tandems for language learning.

When she is not teaching languages or facilitating workshops, you will find her hiking the trails around Wolfville.

Publications & Conference Presentations

Stieger, Anne. & Matz, Frauke. (2015). Teaching Young Adult Fiction. In W. Delanoy, M. Eisenmann, & F. Matz (Eds.), Learning with Literature in the EFL Classroom. Frankfurt a.M.: Peter Lang.

Stieger, Anne (July 2015). Sharing Experience, Ideas & Best Practices of Pattern Mining. Experience sharing workshop hosted at Purplsoc - Pursuit of Pattern Languages for Societal Change Conference, Krems, Austria.

Stieger, Anne & Stark, Wolfgang (June 2015). The Art of Responsible Change - Community Psychology and Tacit Knowing in Changing Societies. Roundtable discussion at the 15th SCRA Biennial Conference, Lowell, USA.

Stieger, Anne. (2013). Schüler entdecken ihre Umgebung. Great Inventions! Von einer Selbstbeobachtung zur “science fair.” [Students discover their surroundings: Great Inventions! From daily observations to science fair] Praxis Englisch, 7(5), 47–48.

Stieger, Anne & Hoffmann, Julia (March 2012). Outcomes of the online tandem project between Acadia and Greifswald University. Presentation at WinWin for Language and Culture on online tandem learning, Greifswald, Germany